Advancing Women’s Rights

Women’s Rights

Gender-based discrimination and violence exist all around the world, without regard to race, culture, or social class. Both are more prevalent against women and girls, many of whom still lack access to basic services and resources, including healthcare, legal aid, and protection from harm. Besides sociocultural stereotypes around the kinds of work women can do (or whether they should even work at all), factors that negatively impact women’s access to services include age, sexual orientation, gender identity, and the stigma around certain professions, especially sex work.

With our grantees, WE Trust works to overcome gender stereotypes and norms, harmful behaviors, and attitudes of ignorance or discrimination, as necessary steps toward creating more equal societies in which women and girls have equal access to services and opportunities.

WE Trust grantees may be taking many different paths on their journey to advancing women’s rights, but their destination—and ours—is one and the same: a world free from discrimination and violence, with equal rights and opportunities for all.