How We Work

As a grantor, WE Trust works to pave the way toward a more cooperative, compassionate world. In this spirit, we believe that what “better” means for a community cannot be defined without the input of the people involved, nor can we decide what path to take without them.

Our community-based partners engage with local leaders and community stakeholders for their projects, in the knowledge that actively involving the community is the best way to guarantee long-term, sustainable progress. Our grantees provide direct resources like information and legal aid, encourage community participation in initiatives, and advocate for policies to protect the vulnerable.

Through our intermediary partners, we are able to mobilize resources, provide technical and organizational support, and supply funding. Intermediaries may also link grassroots movements to larger networks in order to exchange information and access learning tools. Their funding strategies are often focused on a particular geographic area, allowing for deep engagement, and networking with authorities at local and regional levels. In this way, they are best positioned to communicate the most critical needs of a population and the reality of the situation on the ground.

Our larger organizational partners work at multiple levels, engaging local community members and national authorities alike, through a diverse range of projects. While they have their own programs, many also provide direct financial support and technical assistance to community-based organizations. Many more have been successful in bringing organizations together to share knowledge and information as a movement-building strategy, recognizing the potential strength and effectiveness that come with collective action.